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feeling kin d a tired lately. , , 

Slightly too much wall in this one… Another alleyway at dusk - Eymet, France

Slightly too much wall in this one… 
Another alleyway at dusk - Eymet, France

Road at dusk - Eymet, France

Road at dusk - Eymet, France

Life Update

Having returned from my holidays, I am back armed with a considerable amount of photographs to spam you all with. This year I had the amazing opportunity to visit some friends in Moscow, where I experienced the full range of weather including blistering heat, monsoon-like rain and one very grey day (on which we visited the Kremlin and Red Square, a shame where photography was concerned.)  After an incredible week I had a day of rest then drove to a lovely little town called Eymet, in the South of France, where I also took a few photographs that I have been/will be posting. 
I hope you’ve all had similarly fabulous summers! 
Maddy x

Alleyway at dusk - Eymet, France

Alleyway at dusk - Eymet, France

Novoslobodskaya, Taganskaya, Park Kultury, and Komsomolskaya. - Koltsevaya Line, Moscow Metro, Russia.   

Komsomolskaya Station - Moscow

Komsomolskaya Station - Moscow

Sunset in Angers, France.

Sunset in Angers, France.


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I decided on Friday that I really wanted some marquee letters, but vintage and even wooden ones are still hella expensive, so I used this diy tutorial. The only differences: I used 3 pieces of  poster board with a grid for easier cutting, I got two boxes of lights from Target for $10 each, I used the coin method, and I didn’t used silver spray paint. Grand total: $45.


i need something like this to spell the words ‘high school musical’ behind me as i jump in front of a red curtain

for my yearbook pictures, obviously

I’ve started using tumblr like pinterest. Apologies darlings, I’ll move these posts to pinterest and get back to posting my usual arty stuff soon enough x